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    About yajia chemical

    Jiuquan Yajia Chemical Co., Ltd. (Lianyungang Jinyang Chemical Co., Ltd.) is a technology enterprise integrating scientific research and development, and our employees with a college education or above account for more than 40% of the total number of workers. At present, we are a specialized manufacturer of Pharmaceutical intermediates, Pesticide intermediates and fine chemical products. Located in Yumen Circular Industrial Park of Jiuquan City in Gansu Province, our main company enjoys very convenient transportation: we are 45 kilometers away from Jiayuguan Airport, and you reach Jiayuguan park through Lianhuo Expressway, National Highway 312 and bullet trains. At the same time, our factory has an area of 99,800 square meters and 36,000 square meters of buildings.

    Our company boasts powerful technical strength, complete production equipment as well as advanced testing apparatus; moreover, we have successfully certificated to ISO9001: 2000 quality system and EMS 14000 environment system. Currently, our company is equipped with more than 280 models of reaction kettles, a number of inspection apparatus and one waste-treatment station.

    Insisting on serving others and achieving self, we are making efforts to be a company that makes customers satisfied, employees proud, and staffs socially responsible, and strives to help people to pursue a better life! Yajia wholeheartedly welcomes colleagues from all walks of life to discuss cooperation and create a great cause.

    • 2018
      yajia chemical
      Company created in
    • 98800
      m2yajia chemical
      Enterprise area
    • 380
      Million yajia chemical
      Total investment
    • 200
      People yajia chemical
      Company staff
    • 8000
      Tons yajia chemical
      Productive power
    yajiachem culture
    Serve others and achieve yourself

    Constantly strive for a better life!

    • 01

      Persist in

      Struggle to the point of powerlessness, insist on moving yourself

    • 02


      Innovation stimulates potential and potential drives innovation

    • 03

      struggle hard

      Not to do my best, but to do my best

    • 04


      There is no perfect individual, only perfect team

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